We at Maria’s Adult Day Care Center take pride in helping those who are taking care of their spouse, parent or relative afflicted with Alzheimer’s dementia or some other acute memory loss disease. This is not an easy task and the fact that they have chosen to take this task on themselves is admirable. We’re here as a support for them so they can maintain the necessary daily activities to function in life as well continue in their role of assistance to their loved one.

Listed below are what some of our clients &
associates had to say about our services.

As long as Harry (my husband of 62 years) can still see me, he is content, I didn’t want to send him away. I just wanted to find a place that provides loving, personable care during the daytime hours. I am so happy I found Maria’s, they treat him with tender loving care and are truly concerned and connected with every single member. They are wonderful. They play music and games and keep him very stimulated. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. The care is great.

— Olive P.

Maria’s has been a godsend. The talented, knowledgeable, devoted people who work there have so enhance the quality of our mother’s life. She now spends her days singing, doing crafts and smiling. It isn’t just a place where our mother spends her days. It is a welcoming, caring, one-of-a-kind community.

— Lenore & Rachel S.

Thank you for meeting me last week and showing me your wonderful facility. The facility is superb, as are your colleagues. Thank you all for the care you are extending to my father. It’s a great comfort to Maryann, my sister and brothers. All the best.

— S.V.

Maria’s is an absolutely great place for seniors.

— L.B.

Maria’s genuine & caring disposition is just a few of the exceptional qualities she displays as an advocate for our seniors.

— F.D.

My husband is happier than he has ever been at any other facility and I am thrilled with the smile that is back on his face. He is happy when I pick him up and looks forward to going every day. Plus, it allows me to do other things. I am thrilled.

— Maureen L.

I cannot express how grateful I am to the staff who work so hard to make Maria’s a very comfortable and engaging place. Before we left for home, they had a going away party for us with a special cake and a card. When Gerrie read it, she cried — the first time I saw that emotion in over a year! That says it all! As long as we can continue to winter in Largo, Gerrie will be attending Maria’s.

— Eric R., Ontario, Canada

Maria’s is a great place to work. Amy S, Charlotte, April, and Carissa are the best! Their commitment to the care and well being of each member is exceptional! They are the best team in town.

— A.W.G.T. (Staff Member)

What a change! I praised Bill for being promoted to a volunteer at Maria’s when I picked him up and took him out to dinner. All he could talk about was how great he felt that he had a place to be the handyman/helper! And talked about it, and talked about it…

He is looking forward to next Tuesday on his new “job” and figures he should be able to keep up with two afternoons a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays really do fit in better.

Thanks for your and the group’s encouragement.

Thanks again for easing my load.

— K.C.

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